How Often Should You Blog - The Answer Might Surprise You!
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If you are a blogger or are considering becoming a blogger, you have probably exhaustively considered the question “how often should you blog?” Every blogger wonders what the secret number is for success. Does it matter for SEO? Will the magical internet fairies not send my website traffic because they think I don’t post enough? Is there such a thing as blogging too often? Inquiring minds want to know.

When I first started to research blogging, this was a big question for me because I am the sole income for my household. (Learn more about my story here.) I knew that I would be working outside the home when I began my blog and I worried that in order to be successful, I would need to publish posts multiple times a week. I wasn’t sure I would be able to keep up that pace because as some of you know, creating a post is a whole lot more than just writing a few paragraphs and hitting publish.


How Often Should You Blog?

Well, as much as you (and I) would like a much more definitive answer, it’s really just dependent on your niche, audience size, and growth goals. Umm…?

I know, not very helpful, right? Wait! Hear me out! I AM going to answer the question. I just want to make sure you know right out of the gate that the answer is subjective to your situation.

So here’s the thing. Some bloggers are in defined niches while some happen to be in a broader niche. Your niche makes a big difference in your ideal publishing schedule.

Bloggers in the lifestyle niche post about a variety of different topics and therefore need to post more often to retain their readers attention. Take a look at Chasing Foxes, or A Beautiful Mess to see what I’m talking about. They post about food, decor, cleaning hacks, beauty, crafts, DIY, and much more. Each of those topics have their own audience that are interested in that particular type of content. To keep each audience interested and continually engaged, they have to make sure they put fresh content in front of them regularly. That means that for each topic they blog about, they need to have a fresh post at least every week or two. Add that up for each category that they cover and they could be publishing up to 6 or more times per week! The takeaway? The broader the niche, the more often you should be posting.

Luckily, if you are in a more defined niche, you can probably get away with posting once a week or less depending on your library of published posts. If you have a substantial amount of content on your blog already, you can definitely get away with posting less often because there is always something new for readers to find within your content. Especially if you are regularly promoting your evergreen stuff.

This of course is also based on the speed at which you want to grow your blog. If you want dynamic results, posting high value content more often is the way to get there faster. More posts equals more traffic streams, but more about that later.


Less Often Is More

Even if you have a large audience already visiting your blog, it will be the rare person that shows up every day looking for your latest post. Most people will drop by once a week or so. Unless you have a wide and diversified niche, you can get away with posting once a week or less and your audience will still be getting fresh content when they visit.

Posting less often has a multitude of benefits. It gives you more time to create higher value posts because you aren’t constantly under the gun to produce and deliver content on a grueling schedule. It frees up your time to accomplish other tasks like social media marketing, responding to emails, researching new post topics, etc. The biggest benefit if you are still working a 9-5 outside the home is that it keeps your sanity intact. For me, the daily work grind, my Mom duties, and then blogging duties on top of it all sometimes had me a little more than stressed!


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Will My SEO Suffer If I Don’t Post As Much?

When it comes to answering the question of how often should you blog and it’s correlation to SEO, it’s easy to get caught up in trying to find the magical posting number. You may find yourself worrying that if you miss publishing a post one day or week, that it will suddenly kill your SEO stats. That can be a lot of pressure.

Rather than looking at it like it’s a make it or break it situation, consider it this way. Every post on your blog is a potential in-bound linking and indexing opportunity. The more published content you have, and evergreen is ideal here, the more traffic opportunities.

So say you want to attract as many hummingbirds (readers) to your yard (website) as possible this year. Will you put up just one nectar feeder (blog post) or will you put up multiple nectar feeders to increase your chances of attracting more hummingbirds? Every blog post you publish on your website has the potential to bring in it’s own stream of traffic. The more posts you have, the more traffic streams you have and the higher your traffic influx will be. Evergreen and high quality posts are ideal to keep those posts viable for as long as possible.

It is true that publishing regularly shows Google that your site is active and thriving but if that is only a handful of times per month in the beginning, and as long as those posts are of high quality, you will be fine.


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The Competition Is Fierce

It might feel like other bloggers in your niche are posting more often than you, and they might be. It may make you feel like you can’t compete with them, and if you’re really down on yourself, it may even have you wondering if there is a point to you even trying.

There are a couple things to remember about your competitors:

  • Your fellow bloggers aren’t your competitors. They are your peers. You will find that other bloggers are eager and willing to lend a helping hand to the blogger next to them. It’s a great community, so reach out and ask questions.
  • If you are following and envying someone else’s blog journey, chances are you found their blog because of it’s success. A successful blog is one that has had a lot of time and hard work already put into it. They were once where you are right now on your journey but they kept at it. Keep going.
  • Since those blogs you follow have usually been at this game for a long while, they are likely doing it full time and have a large library of established posts behind them bringing in regular traffic.
  • DON’T COMPARE YOUR BEGINNING TO SOMEONE ELSE’S MIDDLE. Cheesy I know, but true nonetheless.

Like I said before, as long as you are posting high quality content and keeping a fairly regular schedule, just keep chugging along. If you can post more often and still keep the quality high, that is even better. Remember that blogging success isn’t an overnight deal for most people. The ones who did have quick success usually did a massive amount of work before hand to ensure their success.

How often do you like to post to your blog & why?

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  1. Hi there
    As a new blogger I ha e read quite a few articles on blogging frequency and most people recommended once a week.
    However I was really impressed by your take on it.
    You are absolutely right about posting for each category regularly. I have a lifezte blog with a number of categories.
    I have been posting once a week but naturally only in one out of my 4 or 5 categories.
    This is probably why I don’t have a lot of traffic yet.

  2. I’m definitely not blogging often enough, but I’m committed to changing that! I got sucked down an IG, Facebook social media rabbit hole and took my eyes off the prize of creating evergreen content in my niche (indoor rowing). Social media is great, but it’s ephemeral, and you’re also always playing in someone else’s sandbox, by their rules, when you do that.

    So back to more blogging it is. Question: I know the pressure is always on to create epic content, but my tribe also LOVES workouts, as does Pinterest, so I’m wondering what your thoughts are about sharing workouts in pinnable form vs. longer posts about some other aspect of the sport.

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