How to Find a Pinterest Group Board to Join
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You’ve heard how amazing Pinterest can be for your business, right? Have you heard how a Pinterest group board can be a secret weapon in every successful bloggers marketing strategy? A Pinterest group board can get your content seen by a larger number of people who might have never seen your pins otherwise.

A Pinterest group board can be a powerhouse when it comes to getting exposure. The massive amount of traffic generated by Pinterest every day is astounding and by adding your content to group boards, your chances of a viral pin and much higher daily traffic go through the roof.

Think of it this way. If you are posting your blog pins to your personal boards but you currently only have 100 followers, your pins aren’t likely to to get in front of many people. This means lower re-pin rates which tells Pinterest that your blog content isn’t very popular and may be of low quality. Because of that, the Pinterest algorithm won’t even show it to many of your own followers. However, if you can become a contributor on a group board with 10,000 followers, your content now has the potential to reach 9,900 more people than it would have before. The bottom line is group boards are ESSENTIAL to a successful marketing strategy.

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A Pinterest group board is a board that multiple people can pin to. These people are called contributors or collaborators. You must be invited by either the group board owner or other board contributors to become a collaborator. The way the owner has chosen to set their board up determines who has the ability to approve new contributors. The board owner may want to be the only one to approve new members as a way of controlling the quality of pins and/or contributors as well as the growth of their board. They may also have chosen to leave it open so current contributors can add new people to the board in an effort to grow the board faster.

The more contributors a Pinterest group board has, the more diverse and fresh the content will be for the boards followers. When a board has fresh and relevant content, other pinners are more likely to follow it and pin from it. This will also raise the boards quality in the eyes of the Pinterest algorithm. Meaning that pins that come from that high quality board will have a higher chance of being shown to more people. This is good because more exposure means more re-pins, and more re-pins mean more traffic to your website.


Your content and the pins that you produce have a much longer shelf life on Pinterest than they would on any other social sharing platform. This means they stay relevant and are circulated among the masses of Pinterest users longer than they would be anywhere else. Smart pinning strategies have the potential to have your pins seen by hundreds of thousands of people free of charge. This is especially true if you are utilizing Pinterest group boards. Can Facebook say that? Not even close.

Pinterest has a reputation for providing the majority of website traffic for pretty much all bloggers. This is partially because it is becoming one of the fastest growing search engines. Think about it. When you want to look up instructions on how to do something like make a dinner recipe, make a diy craft, or get some holiday inspiration, where do you go? Do you go to Google or do you head over to Pinterest? I almost always go to Pinterest because I love the visuals and I know there are usually tutorials to go with what I’m looking for. I want to see what my finished recipe will look like, or see pictures of beautiful hair and makeup to inspire me for an upcoming event or new daily look.

The great thing about Pinterest as a new blogger is that you don’t have to be an expert to utilize it. All you have to do is create great vertical pins using striking images and bold text. You want them to be easy to read and eye-catching since most users access the site through their smart phones.

If you are looking for some great graphics for your pins, you can find some awesome websites that offer both free and subscription based images in my post 32 Places To Find Awesome Free Stock Photos.

Once I find an image I like, I use both Picmonkey and Canva to create my pins and social media graphics.

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How to join Pinterest group boards that are perfect for your blog. Pinterest tips on how to join Pinterest group boards and increase your blog traffic. #pinterest #pinteresttips #pinterestmarketing #socialmediamarketing


You can find a great clickable list of popular group boards that will fit your niche at PinGroupie. They offer filters to find the category and board size you’re looking for. Once you find one, click through to it and figure out who the owner is. You can also look for group boards on Pinterest itself. Just type “Group Boards” into the search bar. If you are looking for boards for specific types of pins, include that into your search term. For example, “Blogging Group Boards”. Another great way is to see what group boards popular blogs in your niche are a part of. Those boards are more likely to have higher engagement and re-pin rates.

To know if a board is the right fit for you and your brand,  you need to take a few aspects of the board into consideration.

  • Does the board cater to your specific niche in some meaningful way?
  • Is the contributor/follower ratio to your liking? You want a substantially larger number of followers than there are contributors. If that isn’t the case, you are probably going to be wasting your time. The board is also more likely to have a low re-pin and engagement rate. This can hurt your entire personal Pinterest profile.
  • Does the board appear to be watched closely by the owner? You don’t want to collaborate on a board that is spammed by other contributors with off-topic pins on a regular basis. This brings the quality of the board down.
  • Are the pins being added by other contributors of high quality? If the board is covered in spammy looking pins, I would steer clear. That board won’t go very far. You can do better. Don’t join a group board for the sake of having another group board on your profile. The bad ones actually hurt your Pinterest SEO.
  • Are the board rules fair and to your liking? Are they too complicated or too easy going?


Now you need to contact the board owner. Sometimes it can be hard to know who the owner of a group board is because the instructions in the board description aren’t clear. It also is sometimes unclear how to contact them.

The easiest way to figure out who owns the group board is to go into the board itself. Look up at the top of the board. The first picture, or person listed all the way to the left is the board owner. Super simple. Next to the board owners picture will be two other accounts. They are the two most recent contributors to join the board. Next to that will be a number inside a gray circle. That is the number of additional contributors to the board besides the first 3 listed.

Blog Darlings Group Board on Pinterest


Some group board owners want you to complete a sequence of tasks before you even apply to contribute to their Pinterest Group Board. Some would like you to follow all of their personal Pinterest boards, while others will only consider your request if you also join their Facebook group. Do as they ask before applying for the board.

In the case of the group board owner asking that you leave a comment on one of their pins to join their board, click on the owners picture icon up at the top of the page. It will take you to their personal Pinterest page. You want to make sure you are on the PINS tab next to the BOARDS tab. This will show you all of their most recent pins. Look for one pinned to the group board you want to join and comment that you would love an invite. They can get any information they need to invite you by simply clicking on your picture icon in your comment.

If the group board owner asks you to email them with your request or to message them through Pinterest, make sure you are specific in your email about which board you are requesting to join. Give them the email you used to sign up for your Pinterest account and your Pinterest page url. You might want to add what kind of content you would like to contribute and maybe a bit about what you do. Are you a blogger looking to contribute homemaking tips or blogging tips? Are you a budding chef looking to contribute recipes? Just make sure you give them as much information as you think they might need to make a decision in your favor. Be personable and polite.


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Do you have a group board that is accepting contributors? Let us know in the comments!


  1. This was super helpful!! I’m just learning Pinterest and how important it is for bloggers – thanks for your clear explanation of group boards!!

    1. You are very welcome! I’m glad it was helpful. I try to be as concise as possible when explaining what I’m trying to get across. I’m glad I succeeded this time. Thank you for your comment <3

  2. I’m not having much luck finding Pinterest groups in my niche. I’m a travel blogger, but I blog specifically about the experience of being an expat. I’m a half-time expat in Jamaica and write about my integration into Jamaican culture and lifestyle. My pins and blog posts don’t really “fit” with regular travel blogger post that people might seek out before a trip. Living in a foreign country is a very different topic than going on vacation there.

    Let’s say I DO find 10 or 15 boards eventually. How do I keep it all straight at to which ones I pinned to manually, via Tailwind, Boardbooster, etc? I’m only in three or four boards and am already confused.

    1. Since writing about being an expat is pretty specific, you are going to have a hard time finding group boards that cater to that particular subject. You could start your own group board for digital nomad type bloggers. (people who blog while traveling/living in other countries)

      I looked at your site really quick and you already have posts that would fit right in on a travel group board. When it comes to group boards, you want to stay inside the general theme of the board but the fact that your posts are about living in Jamaica pretty much qualifies all of your posts for a travel group board. Travel boards aren’t just about vacationing. They are about traveling to other countries and their culture. This includes living in those countries. Find some great travel boards and start pinning!

      As for keeping your pinning straight, there are a variety of ways you can accomplish this. The trick is to find the one that makes the most sense to you. Some people use secret boards and just pull their manual pins from them, deleting them as they go. Some people like to use spreadsheets to record the pin info and last date it was pinned. I myself usually put my own pins on auto pilot using BoardBooster campaigns and do my manual pinning with other peoples pins I find throughout the week.

  3. Hi Jennifer. Awesome post but I’m really having a hard time finding group boards on cryptocurrency. I am just starting out as a blogger planning to launch my blog in June 2018. I write about the Blockchain and cryptocurrencies. I have a Pinterest account (ronaldonanub). This I’d my future blog

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