9 Wickedly Delicious Candy Apple Recipes
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It’s apple harvest season and that means one thing. Lots and lots of apples everywhere! If you are like me, you take advantage of the Fall abundance to try as many apple related recipes as possible. I like to make homemade apple sauce and apple butter to start. I also love baking so you know I have various baked goods being cooked up. I make apple pie and apple crisp. One of my absolute favorite Fall treats though is candy apples! Good candy apple recipes can be tough to find.

The nine candy apple recipes I gathered below are definitely worth trying at home! They are all pretty easy and versatile recipes. It’s a great list of unique and delicious candy apple recipes to tingle your taste buds and curl your toes because who in their right mind doesn’t like candied apples?? I’ll wait.

Actually, tell me in the comments if you seriously know someone who doesn’t like candied apples. Well, you know, beyond the people who technically can’t eat candied apples because they have braces or dentures. I’d be interested to know because they are seriously sooo good!

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The best type of apple for candy apple recipes | 9 Wickedly Delicious Candy Apple Recipes #candyapples #apples

The standard apple that most gourmet apple makers use when making candied apples are Granny Smith. They are firm and tart and because of this, they balance the sweetness of the candied coating. Some however, find the Granny Smith apple too tart or sour and would opt for a slightly sweeter choice.

A couple apple types that are a bit sweeter are Pink Ladys, Honeycrisps, Jongolds, Jonathans, Pippins, and Cameos. The trick when choosing an apple is making sure it isn’t too sweet or too mushy. You want a firm, crisp apple. Red Delicious apples for example, would not be a good choice for candied apple making.

Easy Candy Apples | 9 Wickedly Delicious Candy Apple Recipes #applerecipes #fall #candyapple #candy #treats


This is your typical classic red candied apple. It kind of looks like Snow White’s poisoned apple, doesn’t it? Well it’s not, so you don’t have to worry about that! You just have to figure out how to keep everyone from eating the whole batch once you make these beauties!

These are great to make and hand out at trunk-or-treats, Halloween parties, or and Autumn harvest type festivity.

Find this delicious candy apple recipe at Just A Taste

Marbled Candy Apples | 9 Wickedly Delicious Candy Apple Recipes. Colored candy apple recipe #candyapple #candybuffet #candybar


This recipe is a total work of art. Follow the recipe to get this eye-catching marbled effect. The recipe uses vanilla extract for flavoring but you could use any candy flavoring of your choosing. This recipe is very versatile because of the open choices for color and flavor.

These would look gorgeous on and candy bar or candy buffet. These marbled treats would also make a great addition to any birthday party celebration. You can switch up the colors to suit your festivities color theme.

Find this delightful candy apple recipe at Sugar and Charm

Cotton Candy Apples | 9 Wickedly Delicious Candy Apple Recipes. Colored candy apple recipe #candyapple #sweets #pink #candybuffet #candybar


Cotton candy flavored candy coating on a crisp, tart apple. That sounds delicious! A little bit of subtle cotton candy flavoring and the use of a couple pastel food dyes is all it takes to achieve this beautiful sweet concoction.

A fabulous option to have at a circus or carnival themed celebration. Also a perfect addition to any girly pink themed party, baby shower, bridal shower, or gender reveal celebration.

Find this sugary sweet candy apple recipe at Rose Bakes

Galaxy Candied Apple | 9 Wickedly Delicious Candy Apple Recipes. Colored candy apple recipe  #candyapple #galaxy #marbled #treats #candybuffet #candybar


Once upon a time in a galaxy far, far away…there lived this delicious candied apple and it wants you to take a bite! This candy apple looks complicated to make but it is actually easier than it looks. It gives the impression you spent more time and energy making them than you did.

A galaxy candied apple is perfect for space themed birthday parties or trendy teen parties for those who love galaxy print everything.

Find this cosmic candy apple recipe at I Save A2Z

Cinnamon Candy Apple | 9 Wickedly Delicious Candy Apple Recipes #candy #candyapple #apples


This recipe is spicy and sweet, which is a fun combination. The recipe calls for a cinnamon flavoring rather than using cinnamon candies. (I’ll get to a recipe using cinnamon candies a little further down.) The light use of red food coloring gives the candy coating a cracked glass like appearance. Very pretty and appealing.

These candied apples, especially if you use the raffia for decoration, would be perfect at any Fall Harvest celebration or even a Thanksgiving dinner dessert.

Find this muy caliente candy apple recipe at Kleinworth & Co

Black Widow Candied Apple | 9 Wickedly Delicious Candy Apple Recipes. Candy apple recipe Halloween. Colored candy apple recipe #candyapples #Halloween


These apples are so good, you might call them dangerously good. Haha. This is a classic candied apple with your choice of sweet candy flavoring. The dark appearance is due to the use of a super black gel food dye. The red hour glass is applied after the apples cool with a quick swipe of red icing. Adorn the apple stick with a toy spider ring to give it the final touch!

These candy apples are the obvious choice for any Halloween party or scary event. They are super easy to make and look venomously scary! They would also make a cool addition to a Spider-Man themed birthday bash.

Find this freaky candy apple recipe at Happiness Is Homemade

Neon Pink Candied Apple | 9 Wickedly Delicious Candy Apple Recipes Colored candy apple recipe #applerecipes #pink #candyapples #candybuffet #candybar


Hot pink candy apples! They are so bright and pretty! This recipe calls for vanilla extract to flavor your candy apples but you can use whatever candy flavoring you desire. It won’t affect the outcome of the pretty pink color.

These neon pink eye-catchers would be beautiful on any candy buffet or candy bar. Birthdays or baby girl baby showers would be perfect. You could also put these out at a bachelorette party or wedding shower.

Find this bright candy apple recipe at Sweet Haute

Crunchy Maple Toffee Candied Apples | 9 Wickedly Delicious Candy Apple Recipes #candyapples #fall #treats


This is one of those candy apple recipes that are going to come out a little chewy and sweet. These toffee flavored candied apples are garnished with berries and nuts for a truly Autumn harvest taste.

These candied apples would be great at any Fall Harvest party and would make gorgeous, on-theme center pieces for any Thanksgiving dinner.

Find this scrumptious candy apple recipe at Waitrose

Red hot candy apple | 9 Candy Apple Recipes That Are Wickedly Delicious #candyapples #cinnamon #candy


A classic candied apple using red hot candies for both flavoring and to lend to the candied exterior.

The recipe calls for Red Delicious apples but I don’t recommend the Red Delicious variety. They don’t really lend any flavor to the overall end product and the consistency is mealy. If you are looking for a sweeter apple, try a Pink Lady or a Honeycrisp. The gold standard for candied apples however is the Granny Smith, but they have a more tart flavor.

The red hot candy apple is perfect for any occasion and will be a hit wherever you bring them. Try a Fall gathering or school bake sale.

Find this spicy candy apple recipe at Nerdy Mamma


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9 Wickedly Delicious Candied Apples | candy apple recipe diy, candy apple recipe colored, colored candy apple recipe, candy apple recipe Halloween, candy apple recipe easy #apples #candyapples #candy #treats

That is the end of my list of candy apple recipes. Did you find one you are tempted to try? I have my eye on the cinnamon candied apple recipe and the easy classic candy apple. If you decide to make one of the recipes above, be sure to let us know in the comments or on the Moosie Blue Facebook Page how they turned out!

Let me know in the comments if you know anyone who doesn’t like candied apples. Just for my own curiosity.

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