Welcome! My name is Jennifer. Join me as I share the best tips and advice to improving your lifestyle while learning how to successfully gain financial freedom – a personal passion project!

Moosie Blue offers no nonsense, quick & easy tips and tricks to living your best life possible.

Learn how to improve your style & health while running your household more efficiently. Get tips on making your monthly budget stretch farther while still cooking up the tastiest recipes! Find ideas on side hustles to bring in extra money, and follow me on my own journey as I post progress reports updating you on how I’ve boosted my own income each month. You can learn how to become a blogger too if that is your side hustle of choice.


My aim is to help people like me, who are struggling to make ends meet. People who want help handling life’s curve balls effortlessly.

I am a single Momma to my 2 girls. It felt like I was always just a little behind the curve in regards to the other Moms, in pretty much every aspect of my life. I was living paycheck to paycheck, worried about the next surprise expense around the corner that could make us or break us. What would I do if my car broke down? Seriously, I could pay the mechanic or I could pay our rent, but not both. Then what?

I worried that I wasn’t involved enough in my daughters’ lives because I sometimes had to miss their school events due to either work, or sometimes gas money and car issues. When I could make it, I was exhausted. I worked midnights, so my internal clock wanted to sleep during these events. It wasn’t fair to them and it made me feel like a bad Mom.

Something had to give and I had to figure out what to do next to change our lives for the better. I wanted to learn the magic combination for pulling it all together and I wanted to show other struggling Mommas how to do it too!


The first step on my journey was figuring out how to bring in more income without taking any more time away from my girls. In previous years, I had monkeyed around with blogging  but had never really taken it too seriously. I was pretty good with social media, I had decent marketing instincts, and I had an entrepreneurial spirit passed down through generations of business owners. I’ve always loved being creative which would come in handy when creating graphics for the blog and social media. I could do this, right? So, I decided to start a blog.

I jumped right in and found a great host for my blog through Siteground. I did a LOT of research and began my Pinterest account trying to gain a built in audience before I launched my blog. Now, my journey begins and we will see where it takes me.


The plan as I venture forward is to be able to eventually walk away from my regular job, pay off my massive student loans, set up college funds for my girls, and save for retirement. I also dream of taking my girls to see the world. My youngest has been in love with the idea of Paris for a few years now and I would love to make that dream come true for her.

I hope hard work and perseverance let me live the life I have always wanted for myself and my daughters. I also hope to inspire other Mommas out there to dream big and go for it too. 😘