32 Places To Find Awesome Free Stock Photos
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If you are like me, you have probably struggled to find just the right free stock photos to use in your blog post images. You’re looking for something striking, yet polished. The images need to be cohesive and represent your branding perfectly. You need them to stand out in the crowd of other images, yet you don’t want them to be too distracting.

Maybe you are just starting out and collecting images to use for your dream blog that you haven’t started yet. If that is the case and you are looking for a little help guiding you on your way, check out my Ultimate Blogging Resources Guide to see what tools and resources have been successful for me on my blogging journey.

One thing you never want to do is steal someone else’s image off of the internet. It’s illegal and you could land in big trouble. When we are first starting out as bloggers, we may not know any better and we figure that if they are on the internet, they are free. That’s what the Google Images section is for, right? Wrong. Google images just indexes images found on the various websites all over the internet just like it does for the articles. Here is an informative flowchart from LifeHacker.com that explains and guides you through whether you can use an image on the internet.

I have compiled a list of some of my favorite sites where you can find images that would be perfect for your blog or online business.

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Membership sites are where you will get your highest quality and most unique images because stock photography is their entire business model.

The business owners have their customers sign up for paid memberships or subscriptions. In some cases, they sell their images à la carte, or one at a time. 

As an incentive to be able to keep marketing to you through your inbox, they offer to send you free monthly images in hopes that you will shop with them in the future.

HAUTE STOCK – The photos you find on this site are fabulous. They have a paid subscription which is pretty pricey if you are just starting out, but if you sign up for their hautemail (email list) you get 2 free stock photos sent to your inbox each month. I’ve been signed up with them for over a year now and I am never disappointed.

OH TILLY STYLED STOCK PHOTOGRAPHY – You get 3 free stock photos each month. I like the variety of photos. They don’t look like the same stock images everybody else has.

SC STOCKSHOP – This site will send you 1 or 2 beautiful free stock photos each month. You do have to work for it a little though. First, she sends a discount code to your email each month to redeem during checkout. Then, you go to her website and “buy” the specified image at her checkout.

IVORYMIX – This is my favorite site on the entire list. So many beautiful images! When you sign up for the Ivorymix mailing list, you get access to her entire library of stock photos, blogging tools and worksheets. You will also be put on her mailing list to get free images in your inbox each month.

The amount of free photos she offers is incredible. She has stock photo packs she sends out 1-4 times every month and she has been doing this since the very beginning of 2016.  Even if you sign up today, you still can get the photos from 2016 too just by accessing her resource library on her website.

STYLED STOCK SOCIETY – Another styled stock photo site that offers a membership to access their best work, but the difference with this one is her esthetic. Her photos are gorgeous. By signing up to get her 20 free stock photos, you will automatically receive free photos every month in your inbox.

TURQUOISE & PALM – This site offers both stock photos and classes on taking your own stock photos. Scroll to the bottom of the page to sign up for free stock images every month.

WONDERFELLE – You will find beautiful, feminine styled stock photos on this site. Scroll down the page to find the free stock photo opt-in. You will receive a beautiful 10 images photo pack.

POSH STOCK – This site is through Boss Latina. You get 10 free stock images after you sign up for her mailing list.

CREATE HER STOCK – Stock photos especially for female bloggers, creatives, and online influencers of color.  Scroll to the bottom of the homepage to sign up for free images to your inbox every month. Go to the Free Images page to get instant access to their stockpile of photos you can choose from to download.

CREATIVE CONVEX – Sign up for your free 20 pack of high resolution floral themed stock images in both landscape and portrait sizes.

DEATH TO STOCK – You can sign up for their email list to get free monthly photo packs sent straight to your inbox. You can also sign up for a membership to get access to even more photos. The images offered on this site are more real and candid everyday. They are grittier rather than styled and pretty.


These are bloggers or website owners who have a knack for photography and wanted to pass on their beautiful images to you for free! They usually are smaller packs of images that require you to sign up for their email list first, but trust me they are worth it.

WONDERLASS – I follow Allison all over the place and I’m a part of her awesome Facebook group Creative Superheroes. Her style and exuberance is refreshing and her love of color is right in line with my own. She offers a free set of 15 stock photos that are nice and bright.

CGS CREATIVE – By signing up for CGScreative’s  email list, you get access to their Resource Library. The Resource Library has free stock photos, checklists, and printables to help you with your blogging business.

A PRETTIER WEB – You can choose from 4 different sets of free stock images including a Christmas themed set. Just sign up with your name and email address for the set(s) you want, and they will be sent directly to your inbox. Super easy.

SOLOPRENEUR SIDEKICK – No email required for these 10 beautiful entrepreneur inspired stock images. Just click and save!

CLICHE MIGNON – This site is in French and I believe they changed their name to Epicerie Du Blog. It’s pretty straight forward to get your free photos. Click the link in the first paragraph that says projet “cliché mignon. It asks for your email and name. Subscribe and you will receive your free photos straight to your inbox.

DABBLES & BABBLES – This crafting blogger offers you 8 free styled desktop stock photos to use on your blog. Quite pretty.

ASHLEY CREATES THINGS – Beautiful high resolution photos saturated in color and light. My eye is absolutely drawn to her images! Here is a link to a set of 10 more of Ashley’s beautiful free stock photos.

REKITA NICOLE DESIGN STUDIO – You get free beautiful photos. All she asks is, if you use one of her images on your blog or website, that you attribute a credit back to her website. Super simple. There isn’t any signing up for an email list with this one either.

MOMS MAKE CENTS – I love the images I received from this site. You subscribe to her email list and and get this set of 22 stock photos. They are brightly colored and cute.

THE MAGICAL CANOPY – You can find more of her stock photos HERE, and HERE. Update: This blogger has made her site private since the writing of this post.

HELENE IN BETWEEN – A travel blogger offering you some beautiful flat-lay images for free on her blog. Take advantage!



These websites are your typical free stock photo websites. You can find great images on these sites, however, bloggers and business owners will often use the same images for their projects because they’re free and widely known. With a little creative thinking though, you can make the images your own.

PIXABAY – You do have to sign up really quick for a free account on this site but that is about the only hassle you will find.

PEXELS – Lovely diverse images. You can find a photo for just about anything you are looking for on this site.

KABOOMPICS – Choose your photo preferences such as photo orientation, color palette, and category. The Kaboompics database inputs all this information and comes up with all the photos that match your criteria. You choose a shot that you like and what size to download it in. You can see the hex color codes used in the photo which makes designing a breeze. The user gets coordinating photos to choose from that will give your project a cohesive look.

FANCYCRAVE – Beautiful high resolution photos that are as interesting as they are beautiful.

SPLITSHIRE – Free stock photos and videos for commercial use.

LOOKINGGLASS – Gorgeous rich colored photos. All original images. You can use them in any way you like. No attribution required.

FREERANGESTOCK – Great place to find business centered stock images.

PHOTOEVERYWHERE – You will find free travel stock photos on this site. A cool feature it offers is the Image Map tab. It shows you a map of the world. You click a place on the map, you are given photos from that region.

MMT STOCK – Free stock images for commercial use. Use them in your website, themes, templates, projects, print materials, social posts, and more. New photos each week.

STOCK SNAP – This site pulls images from all of the other free stock photo sites according to what is trending.

UNSPLASH – Beautiful, free photos. Gifted by the world’s most generous community of photographers.

PIKWIZARD – You’ll find a variety of free stock photos on this site but they are especially great for their extensive collection of people in various candid lifestyle shots.

Did I miss one of your favorites? Let me know in the comments if there are any other great sites I should know about to find free beautiful stock photos. Also, I would LOVE if you would please share this post on Pinterest!

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